Artworld War I - A Game based on a true story

Tag 1: Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2014
11:00 - 12:00 Uhr

Raum: Aquarium 056
Kategorie: Mobile Media
Sprache: Englisch

Based on the provocative performances by the famous artist Baddy Dolly Jane, the slingshot game "Artworld War I" was made. Well-known people from the art world and art history references were transferred into a mobile game.
The presentation is showing the process of creating the graphic design, its challenges and explaining why each element of a game should have a deeper meaning.


Jana Kuznetsov

Jana Kuznetsov is an artist, curator and publisher.
2008 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, majoring in painting, film & television studies. Since 2000 her works have been presented in many art institutions, among others in the Academy of Arts Berlin, in the National Gallery Stuttgart and in the Brukenthal National Museum in Romania. Furthermore, since 2007 she performed at the Tate Modern, in London, Venice Biennale and at Kunsthalle Vienna. The feature films she contributed to have received national and international awards and were screened in museums such as MoMA, NY.
In December 2012 she published the bestseller “Baddyforum International”, a work about the contemporary art industry. Based on this book a documentary and the mobile game “Artworld War I” are currently in production.

Jana Kuznetsov